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Trinsic Technologies serves a wide variety of organizations from a broad spectrum of industries which provides us exposure to a diverse range of IT environments.  Trinsic can serve organizations as small as 2 employees to upwards of 250 employees.  Our typical clients rely heavily on their computers and networks in their day-to-day operations and understand that their profits, efficiency and employee morale are greatly affected when their IT systems are not running smoothly.

Client Sizes
We have worked with many startups. When starting from scratch, you have the luxury of deciding from the latest and greatest technologies while not being tied to any legacy systems.  We can take care of everything from designing your entire network, ordering your equipment, and configuring and installing your systems.

Small Offices
Smaller clients generally have smaller budgets to work with, yet they still require a scalable and reliable IT infrastructure that enables their employees to work as efficiently as possible and grow without breaking the bank.  Many small organizations that currently employ internal IT staff approach us because they understand the benefits of receiving our managed IT services.  Through proper planning, we have been very successful in managing these transitions and are mindful of the sensitivities and challenges involved.

Medium Sized Organizations
Medium sized organizations usually have larger IT budgets, tend to have their own IT staff, and usually have more complicated issues.  These organizations have the option of utilizing our managed IT services to become their fully outsourced IT department to reduce their overhead costs, or they can utilize select managed IT service offerings to compliment and augment their internal IT staff.   It is a true win-win for mid-sized organizations because they can leverage the benefits of our service to manage the day-to-day IT issues, while retaining their own IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Client Industries

Professional Service and Financial Organizations
We work with various firms including CPA, law, financial advisory, achitectural, and engineering firms.  We understand the work flow of these professional organziations, the software employed, and the regulatory and compliance issues involved. Our goal is to help implement programs to improve workflow, and enhance client data confidentiality and security.

We have numerous clients in the healthcare sector and we are very familiar with industry specific applications involved.  We also understand the importance of designing systems that improve patient flow, enhance patient confidentiality, and help comply with HIPPA regulations.
We are familiar with the needs of manufcaturing businesses and ERP systems.  We can look at ways to help improve process efficiency that will directly improve the bottom line.

We understand the importance of having a reliable IT infrastructure to enable students, faculty and administrators to all function efficiently throughout the day. Leveraging the power of our managed IT service is ideal for schools who have limited budgets and resources.

Real Estate
We understand the technical challenges of property management companies as it relates to their properties and tenants. We can implement various technologies to help enhance tenant value such as wireless networks and enhance the efficiency of managing tenants through technologies such as bandwidth throttling.

We service several other service type organizations. As with all clients we serve, we try to gain a good understanding of their operations and business goals to design systems that are reliable, scalable, and secure.

Client Workforce
Branch Operations
We provide IT support for branch offices just as we would a home office.  We understand that it is important that the efficiency of branch and satellite employees can greatly affect the overall success of an organization. We can employ various technologies such as virtual private networks to improve their access to company data and applications, and secure instant messaging and shared calendaring to enhance communications between employees.

Mobile Employees
We understand that many employees work outside of the office.  From sales representatives to home-based employees, we can support their IT needs.  Many of these employees utilize laptops which provides for increased risks to the company.  To help ensure business data is secure, we can provide regular data backups for these laptops as well as regular antivirus management.  Mobile employees also tend to be very reliant on their BlackBerries and other PDAs.  We can implement solutions to provide real-time synchronizing with their Outlook calendars etc to help them stay efficient while on the go. 

Trinsic has designed for us a ROCK SOLID NETWORK that has allowed our company to grow from only 3 pcs to over 40 pcs and 3 locations with NO UNSCHEDULED DOWNTIME in over 5 years.

Trinsic handles our complete IT infrastructure needs all at a cost less than hiring a single full time systems administrator. Trinsic continues to be a critical component to our success and their flat-fee service model will

Caroline Domin
Practice Administrator
Advanced Pain Care

We run a high volume online business and are unfortunately bombarded by large amounts of spam. Dealing with all this junk email was very time consuming and a waste of resources. To address this issue, Trinsic put us on their spam filtering service which has done a remarkable job at ELIMINATING most all of this JUNK MAIL. This has greatly freed up our time and allows our staff to focus on the critical aspects of our business which is responding quickly to customer requests.

Also, 3 years ago the controller on our RAID 5 died and took all of our customer data and historical orders with it which had the potential of putting us completely out of business. Trinsic
BACKS UP ALL OF OUR DATA ON A DAILY BASIS and had us back up and running within 2 hours of the hardware failure with absolutely no loss of data. I have been with Trinsic since 2004 and WOULDN’T TRUST OUR NETWORK OR DATA TO ANYONE ELSE.

Richard Bacuus
ABC Vacuum

Trinsic has managed our network since 2004. Our previous IT provider never backed up our data on a regular basis and rarely responded to issues on a timely basis.  Trinsic has been a TREMENDOUS VALUE TO US.  They are persistent at resolving very difficult technical issues and are very successful at IDENTIFYING CREATIVE AND AFFORDABLE SOLUTIONS for our technical needs.  Trinsic backs up all of our data on a daily basis and they are always able to QUICKLY RECOVR DATA THAT OUR EMPLOYEES ACCIDENTALLY DELETE.  Trinsic has proven to us to be AN EXCELLENT LONG TERM INVESTMENT.

Barbara Franz
Practice Administrator
Adult Care of Austin

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