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Statistics about Computer Data Loss:
32% of data loss is caused by human error.
  Reasons for Data Loss
20% of small to medium businesses will suffer a major disaster causing loss of critical data every 5 years.
60% of companies that lose their data close down within 6 months.
72% of businesses that suffer a major data loss disappear within 2 years.
Statistics about Computer Hard Drives:
Somewhere in the world, a hard drive crashes every 15 seconds.
The average failure rate of disk and tape drives are 100%. All drives eventually fail.
Actual disk drive failure rates are 15 times what vendors say they are.
Statistics about Data Backups:
Only 37% of businesses actually test their internal tape backups regularly, and of those that did, an alarming 77% found they were unable to fully recover data by using the tape backup methods.
40% of Small and Medium Sized Businesses don't back up their data at all.
60% of all data is held on PC Desktops and laptops.
40 - 50% of all backups are not fully recoverable and up to 60% of all backups fail in general.
Statistics about Disaster Recovery Plans:
Only 35 percent of small to mid-sized businesses have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.
Statistics about Laptops
2,000 laptops are stolen or lost each day.
53% of mobile professionals carry confidential company information on their notebook PCs and, of those, 65% don't take steps to protect the data.
Business Practices
66% of US employees write down passwords in unsafe places.
Statistics about Hacking
40% of small to medium businesses that manage their own network and use the Internet for more than email will have their network accessed by a hacker. More than 50% won't even know they were attacked.
Statistics about the cost of recouping data:
It takes 19 days and costs $17,000 to retype 20 megabytes of sales data . The same volume of accounting data takes 21 days and costs $19,000.
Recreating data from scratch is estimated to cost between $2000 and $8000 per MB.
Don’t become a Statistic.
We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about how you can protect your data and plan for disasters.
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