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EncryptSender - Email Encryption for Small Business

EncryptSender is a hosted encryption gateway service for small/mid-sized organizations.  We offer a very low-cost, easy to setup, and simple encryption solution for your organization to use.

We offer a fully hosted SaaS service.  You would not need to buy and maintain any additional hardware or software to use the service. EncryptSender is ideal if you are looking to enhance the security of email, send encrypted email messages, send secure webmail, send securemail or enhance your data privacy compliance.


Affordable - Only $2.00/mo. per email account for EncryptSender Lite.
Easy to Use - No additional software or plug-ins required.
Easy to Setup - No need to change your email service provider. Just follow our simple redirect instructions.
Simple Month-to-Month Pricing - No long term contracts. No risk to you.
Data Protection - Reduce your risk of confidential data loss.
Federal Compliance - Improve compliance with federal regulations relating to confidential information such as HIPPA, HITECH, GLBA, SOX and PCI DSS.


User-level Encrypted Email option allows individual employees to select which emails they would like to fully secure from their desktops.
Company-wide Encrypted Email option allows you to encrypt all outbound emails sent from your organization.
Our encryption service uses Advanced Encryption Standard AES-128.
Email encryption includes file attachments.
Allowable Email attachment size up to 50 MB!

How it Works

Click here to view how it works


EncryptSender Basic - $2.00/mo. per email account
EncryptSender Pro - $4.00/mo. per email account


**Encryption services includes encryption only - not the actual email account wherever it is hosted (with us or a 3rd party provider.)

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