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Managed IT Services
Trinsic Technologies offers an affordable suite of IT support services to address all of the technical needs of small - to medium-sized businesses. We can resolve everything that an internal IT department would - and we can do more efficiently for a lot less money. In a nutshell - we become your virtual IT department.
Desktop Support
24/7 Server Monitoring
Network Support
Email Service & Support
Email Spam/Virus Filtering
Email Archiving
Email Encryption
Data Backups
Web Content Filtering
Secure Instant Messaging
Wireless Device Synchronization
Desktop Support
Trinsic offers a complete solution for managing the overall health of each computer in your organization. Trinsic addresses all of the mundane but critical tasks necessary to help ensure that your computers are functioning properly, are adequately protected, and are backed up daily. Our remote access software allows us to connect to your employee's computers no matter where they are at to assist them with their technical issues, as long as they have access to the internet. Here are some of the critical tasks we perform for you under our simple, flat-fee monthly pricing structure:
Desktop policy management
Daily data backups of PCs
Daily Anti-virus protection updates
Daily Spam, malware and adware updates
Patch Scans and Deployment
Access management
Daily Operating system updates
Software updates and distribution
Ongoing Asset tracking
Software inventory and license management ;
Active directory management
Desktop imaging for quick disaster recovery
Online case/issue management
Unlimited remote control support
24/7 Server Monitoring
Trinsic proactively monitors and maintains your servers 24/7 to ensure they are running efficiently with minimal downtime. The majority of network outages can usually be prevented by carefully monitoring server activities and taking proactive steps at the first signs of any issues. We install server monitoring tools on each server which alerts our engineers within seconds of a potential problem. Our engineers are ready to respond to issues 24/7, 365 days a year. Through this proactive approach, you can have confidence that your servers will be stable, secure and running efficiently. Our standard server monitoring service includes:
Hard drive space monitoring and management
File server management
Printer server management
Application server management
Fault management
Performance management
Log file maintenance
Patch management
Daily Software patch updates
Daily Operating system updates
Software updates and distribution
Asset tracking
Server imaging for quick disaster recovery
Online Software license management
Unlimited remote control support
Network Support
Trinsic proactively monitors your network to make sure it is running smoothly 24/7/365. Some of the services included are:
Network device management
Router management
Firewall management
Anti-Virus management
VPN management
Asset tracking
Intrusion Detection
Complete Networked Device Inventory
Wireless management
Disaster Recovery planning and management.
Email Service and Support

Trinsic offers both hosted and non-hosted email solutions to best fit your Email needs.  If you own your own email servers, we can manage the email servers located at your offices, or conveniently offer you a completely hosted email solution.   We have the expertise to manage Microsoft Exchange as well as Linux-based email.

Our email service and support is designed to make sure you have access to your email at all times.  We offer support for Microsoft Outlook clients as well as can provide you with affordable hosted web-based email accounts that are highly accessible.

We realize that having access to your email at all times is critical to the success of an organization and treat all email issues with a high priority.

For more information click here : Business Email Services

Email Spam/Virus Filtering
Our email filtering service provides you with the ultimate in protection from unwanted spam and harmful email viruses. With our service, end users can manage their own spam quarantines through a web interface so important emails are never lost.
Benefits of Email Filtering:
99.9% spam reduction
Protect your data and reduce liability
Increased employee productivity
No software or hardware to install or configure
Email Archiving

Email is critical to your organization’s communication, however it can bring with it a host of new issues; dealing with storage limits, periodic backups, problematic PST files, access to old emails, regulatory compliance and eDiscovery requests just to name a few. Failure to address these problems effectively can bring serious repercussions.

Trinsic’s email archiving service can enable you to maintain an archive of all corporate email correspondence. This can significantly reduce the demands on your email server and enable you to meet the growing number of legal requirements and eDiscovery requests.

Email Encryption
EncryptSender¬†is a hosted encryption gateway service for small/mid-sized organizations. We offer a very low-cost, easy to setup, and simple encryption solution for your organization to use. We are a fully hosted SaaS service. You would not need to buy and maintain any additional software or hardware to use the service.

For more information click here : Email Encryption

Data Backups
We understand how critical your data is to your organization and we are serious about helping our clients prevent data loss. As with every new client, we will assess your current backup process and make any recommended changes to help prevent the possibility of data loss. Here are some of the basic data backup principles that we follow.
Local Backups - We always recommend you backup locally all your data on all machines on a daily basis. In case of a hard drive failure, you will always have access to your data. Furthermore, you can tell your employees to store data on the server and not locally, but invariably they will store the most important file in the company onto their local hard drive and of course disaster will inevitably hit that computer. That's why our system completely backs up every single laptop, desktop and server connected to the network to a local backup system every night.
Off-site Backups – Disasters such as fire, floods, and theft occur infrequently, but you still have to be prepared for such an event. That's why we recommend that all critical data necessary to operate your business be copied off-site on a daily basis.
24x7 Monitoring – We are alerted immediately if there is an issue with a backup process and will follow through to make sure it is corrected.
Redundancy – Trinsic can assist in helping you design redundant systems at all levels when needed and we help our customers do a real risk assessment that will allow them to determine the cost vs. risk benefit.
Automated – Our backup systems are completely automated removing human error. No more remembering to 'swap tapes'.
Versioning – When it comes to databases corruption is always a real threat. Trinsic has the ability to allow our clients to keep as many versions of these types of files and the feel necessary and we can assist in designing a backup history scheme that makes sense to fit your needs.
Imaging – We image your hard drives to capture a snapshot that takes a snapshot of all your applications and OS install s. So in the case of disaster, you can be up and running again quickly.
Benefits of our backup solution:
Every PC and Server gets backed up on a nightly basis including remote connected laptops
Backed up at any desired frequency
Utilizes file condensing technology that allows for large number of PC's, Laptops and Servers to be backed up at the cost of a fraction of the disk space.
Disaster Recovery Service – If a disaster such as a fire, flood or theft were to hit your organization, would you be out of business? With our data recovery service, we can help you rebuild your network, PCs and severs so that you can continue your operations with minimal downtime. Data disaster is a true business risk. Trinsic can help you manage that risk.
Web Content Filtering & Desktop Monitoring Services

Do you know if your employees are surfing the web while at work?  Do you know if they are visiting pornographic web sites? Do you know if they are downloading music and watching videos? 

If your employees are surfing the web, they are most likely not being productive for your business which affects your bottom line. If they are downloading music and videos, they are taking away valuable internet bandwidth causing your network to run slower as well as taking up hard drive space.  Most importantly, employees visiting sexually explicit sites at work exposes your organization to unnecessary legal risks such as sexual harassment claims.
Even if you knew about these things, can you really do anything about it?  Yes, now you can with Trinsic’s Web Content Filtering and Desktop Monitoring service.  We can specify which web sites employees are permitted to visit and block the rest. We can even customize the list by user. We can block certain types of content from being downloaded such as music and video files.

In addition we can provide software that will allow you to monitor every keystroke, email and IM conversations and include keyword alarm email notifications. You can literally ‘watch’ what your employees are doing during the day.

Bottom line, our filtering & monitoring services can provide you with more control over your work environment so you can manage your employees, ultimately improving productivity and reducing risks.

Secure Instant Messaging
Did you know that most of the freely available instant messaging services like Yahoo IM are not secure? It is important to understand that these services leave your network open for threats and abuse. Trinsic offers a simple and affordable secure instant messaging service that you can deploy across your company to every employee, regardless of where they work. We can even provide you tools to monitor what is said by the users and alert you when certain keywords are typed in. Now you can protect your network against outside threats and protect yourself from certain legal risks as well.
Wireless Device Synchronization
Trinsic offers an affordable service to provide real-time synchronization of your PDA with your calendar and contacts. It is a very useful service for employees that rely heavily on their PDA devices. In addition it works with iPhones, Blackberry Devices and Windows Mobile devices, allowing employees to choose their preference of mobile device yet still keeping everyone's calendars and email synched
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