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Trinsic Tech Manager Receives 3 MikroTik Wireless Certifications (10-1-2012)

Trinsic is proud to announce that Tim Adkins, Trinsic's Technical Support Manager, has successfully completed various MikroKik training and certification requirements. Accordingly, Mr. Adkins is now recognized as a MikroTik certified Routing Engineer, MikroTik Wireless Engineer, and a MikroTik Traffic Control Engineer.

Mikrotik develops high performance routers and wireless ISP systems, providing both hardware and software for most countries around the world. While Trinsic leverages multiple types of wireless products, MikroTik routers and operating systems offer customers unique benefits because of their low cost, flexibility, and simple user interface.

"More and more clients want to enable their workforce to leverage the benefits of being mobile," says Art Powell, VP. "From being able to use tablets in the office to meet with their customers, to being able to access their email, contacts and calendars remotely. Freeing up employees with wireless is changing the way work is being done, for the better."

This increased drive towards being mobile can present many challenges including security, speed, and compatibility issues. We at Trinsic try to stay on top of these challenges by investing in its employees through training certification programs.

"Things are changing so fast in the wireless environment, you have to have the latest knowledge to understand how to design and deploy the latest best-of-breed wireless options," says Powell. "Our commitment to our clients is to help them leverage the latest IT technologies to make them more efficient, drive down their costs, and help them achieve their overall business goals."
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