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Affordable – Fortune 500 quality at a fraction of the cost.
Most business owners want secure, reliable and efficient networks; however most do not have the resources to accomplish this through traditional means. By tapping into our system, we are able to deliver to clients a secure, reliable, and efficient network at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Predictable IT Costs
Historicaly, budgeting for IT support costs has been a hit-and-miss proposition, at best. Trinsic's true-flat-fee model enables our clients to easily forecast their future IT support costs based upon their infrastructure needs.

Flexibile - We grow as you grow
Let’s say you are a small business with one full-time IT employee.  If you add a new branch office with 10 employees, would your IT person be able to handle the extra work and same level of responsive service? What about in another 6 months if you add yet another office? To handle your growth, would it really make financial sense to hire another IT professional, effectively doubling your IT costs? With Trinsic, you can increase your IT support incrementally as you grow, and decrease support incrementally as well as if you downsize. So you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Coverage - 24x7x365 Support
What happens when your 1-person IT department goes on vacation or calls in sick? Or even worse, what happens when they quit unexpectedly on you? You are most likely between a rock and hard place because you have to fill the position quickly and get the new person up to speed to keep your business moving. As a client, you are dealing with a professional IT company, not a single employee, and you have access to multiple technicians 365 days a year so you are no longer exposed to the one-man-band issue. With our model, you truly have peace-of-mind so you can focus on your business, not your IT.

Experience - Leave it to the Professionals
We have inherited enough poorly designed networks to realize that the typical internal IT professional rarely has the experience to apply "best practices" to their networks. With over 60 years of combined IT experience managing hundreds of networks, we are proud of the fact that we are able to deliver secure, reliable, and efficient networks at a very affordable price.

Infrastructure - Powerful tools on our dime
We have invested heavily in cutting-edge software and hardware tools that enable us to efficiently manage our client’s networks, proactively identify issues before they become emergencies, and improve client uptime. Our system is extremely robust and flexible and allows us to continually shape it aruond our customers evolving needs

Service - A True Partnership
A long-term relationship built on trust is our goal. With our flat-fee model, our interests are aligned with those of our client. Simply put – if your network has lots of problems, it costs us a lot of money since we don’t get paid by the issue. We have a financial interest in making sure your network is running smoothly at all times

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