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US Vs The IT Guy
We are available 24/7 - We always have somone on duty 24/7/365 monitoring your systems.

Cross-Knowledge – We realize that each employee can’t know everything. That is why our staff specializes in different technology subjects so that we can assign the correct IT Professional to address your issue.

Robust Platform – We’ve invested a lot of money in our robust and flexible IT platform to deliver proactive, timely and transparent IT support.

Growth is easy – With our system, it is very easy (and affordable) for us to support if you add new employees, equipment and new offices.
The IT Guy
Downtime - IT guys take vacations and are allowed to get sick. What happens when your sever goes down and your IT guy is on a beach in Mexico?

Lack of Bandwidth – What happens when you have an emergency at the same time another client has an emergency and there is only 1 IT guy. You got it… the higher paying client gets his attention.

Lack of Knowledge – While your IT guy may be smart, not everyone can be an expert at everything especially with so many different technologies available these days. That is where access to a ‘team of professionals’ becomes so valuable.

Lack of a Platform – Most independent IT professionals do not have the resources to invest in a managed IT platform which can:
Automate many of the tasks that they currently do manually (meaning they have to charge you for their time)
Enable and provide proactive monitoring of the health of your IT systems to prevent issues before they turn into fires.
Provide you with an online ticket system so you can view the status of each issue companywide and all communications related to it.
Provide you with asset tracking system so you can have a 360 degree view of all IT assets.
Provide you with contact to IT help within a matter of minutes.
Provide you with daily automated confirmation that your data backups were completed without an issue.
Can they grow as you grow? - Many independent IT professionals enjoy not having to manage lots of employees.  But how does that affect you?  Just ask the simple question: Do you plan to grow?  If so, can they adequately service your needs if you grow?

  Bottom Line – We always encourage small businesses to carefully evaluate their options when considering their IT support provider as they grow their business. It is a crucial business decision given the large risks involved. However having perspective on the issue is key to making a good business decision.
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